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2016 Billboard Campaign

"Vegan - Justice for All" campaign hit the streets of Bristol in April 2016 as VegfestUK, organisers of Europe's biggest vegan festivals, launched a new billboard campaign.

Big posters appeared on some prime spot sites featuring chickens, pigs, cows and sheep, and asking people to go vegan, live vegan, stay vegan and teach vegan. 



'The "Vegan - Justice for All" campaign had a groundbreaking campaign to help stimulate discussion amongst people about the property status of animals. Should we not be looking at animals as persons, and in doing so reject the concept of ownership of animals? Is it right that we should enslave animals for our use and our abuse?', said VegfestUK organisers.


'70 billion land animals are killed every year, and this violence has got to stop. By going vegan, you're not only giving justice for animals, people and the planet, but you're also improving your health, and improving the environment, and helping improve sustainable food production. These are all great things, but the bottom line is we should go vegan as the very least we can do for animals.'



The campaign was backed by pink fluffy guitar playing pig Pig Freud who fronted a crowdfunder appeal to raise funds to launch a further vegan billboard campaign in Bristol in May 2016, to coincide with the huge VegfestUK Bristol event on May 21st 22nd which attracted 13,000 visitors in total.


Pig Freud’s Vegan “Justice for All” Bristol campaign included:

- Billboards and large outdoor poster sites in Bristol

- Posters on Buses in Bristol

- Radio Adverts

- Posters and Flyers throughout the city

- Media coverage – Local and National

- Social media engagement – word of mouth



Pig Freud raised a total of over £2,000 through a combination of an online crowdfunder and bucket collections at VegfestUK Bristol 2016.


There’s also the ADDED BONUS that VegfestUK matched every donation pound for pound!


The campaign was in part inspired by the recent groundbreaking Go Vegan Ireland billboard and bus campaign that had seen hundreds and hundreds of posters in Ireland in the latter months of 2015. As well as the extended May campaign in Bristol, VegfestUK organisers also have plans to launch a similar campaign in Glasgow and Edinburgh in November.