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Animal Rights Zone

Pig Freud thanks Animal Rights Zone (AR Zone)

for shaping his vegan ethos!



ARZone recently made the news after being cited by Pig Freud as the inspiration behind his philosophy.

Pig Freud has acknowledged ARZone as his ‘primary source of education and inspiration’’ following his recent quest to learn more about rights, justice, and the rejection of violence that forms the core of the ethical vegan approach. “Pig Freud spends hours on Facebook studying on ARZone,’’ added Tim Barford, Pig Freud’s manager, "and often to the detriment of his guitar practice too. But he has learnt a huge amount in a short space of time, and credits ARZone for its friendly, informative firm but fair approach in discussing these often complex and far reaching concepts. He is deeply grateful to all at ARZone and indeed  is currently fundraising for two ARZone members involved in grassroots volunteer led peaceful creative vegan education projects – The Invercargill Vegan Society in New Zealand, and The Vegan Information Project in Dublin.’’


ARZone, with around 9,000 members and growing, not only debates regularly some of the hottest topics of the vegan and AR world, but also records and releases regular podcasts with leading animal advocates from across the globe – and has a huge and unequalled back catalogue of fascinating and engaging debates, interviews and discussion between published authors, peer reviewed Doctors, and other leading members of the ever growing global vegan community.


“There’s never been a more important time to stand up for the dignity of all living animals - both human and other-than-human - and to work towards the day when vegans will be a majority of the human population,” said founder, original member, moderator and presenter Carolyn Bailey, “and it’s been a real privilege being involved in each of the far reaching discussions in ARZone as we seek an effective and genuine solution to the problem of the exploitation and slaughter of other animals. Advocates today are looking for guidance and a safe place to discuss these hugely important issues – and ARZone serves to do just that. The combined wealth of experience of our members and guests, as well as the considerable resources of information, papers, research and debate hosted on our site can help all global vegan activists learn more about the rights of other animals. It’s been an honour to do our small part in this vast and growing movement that seeks to bring about the day when all living individuals are accorded the respect they deserve.”


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