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Pig Freud enjoyed his first Irish gig at Dublin Vegfest on World Vegan Day alongside Jack Dean and Dr. Roger Yates


The world's first guitar-playing pig Pig Freud marched on with his Autumn Tour of UK Vegan Festivals at the inaugural Dublin Vegfest on World Vegan Day November 1st 2015 to inspire people worldwide to go vegan and consider vegan education.



The thinking pig's pig Pig Freud was first introduced by his manager Tim Barford at the opening of the Dublin Vegfest:


Pig Freud and Tim were then joined by his human pal, vegan activist and musician Jack Dean, alongside vegan activist and scholar Dr. Roger Yates (official roadie on the day), in their joint efforts to end animal exploitation across the globe by promoting veganism on a grassroots level.  


Pig Freud and Jack Dean have formed a great understanding and partnership during the tour, with Jack providing just the right support for Pig Freud. And the pair carried on where they had left off previously with a captivating, all-action display of virtuosity, technique and most importantly passion for the cause:


Full edited video (courtesy of official roadie Dr. Roger Yates) is here:


Pig Freud would like to extend a huge thanks to the organisers of the first-ever Dublin Vegfest – what a lovely and vibrant vegan festival we've got! Pig Freud knows full well how much hard work must have gone into the preparation of the event, so huge gratitudes to you for organising this event as well as giving him a platform. 



Pig Freud will take a well-earned break after Dublin Vegfest and he'll be practising hard for his finale on Sunday December 6th 2015 at Vegfest Scotland.