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News //Pink fluffy pig Pig Freud Launches Vegan ‘Justice for All’ campaign with large vegan billboards in Glasgow on World Vegan Day

Tuesday 1st November 2016

A series of large vegan billboards are unveiled today at various sites in Glasgow with the goal of promoting veganism as a “justice for all” philosophy.


The unveiling features special guest Pig Freud, a pink fluffy guitar-playing pig and animal rights campaigner, who is featured on some of the billboards championing the cause of veganism and justice for all living beings and inviting everyone to the upcoming Vegfest Scotland, a colourful and vibrant vegan festival taking place on December 3rd 4th 2016 at the SECC to find out more about being vegan.


Pig Freud’s manager Tim Barford added:


“It’s wonderful for Vegfest’s very own animal superhero Pig Freud to be stood just next to his own posters, fighting for the rights of the over 60 billion land animals killed for food every year just for our palate pleasure and convenience. With the huge abundance of vegan options available these days, there’s absolutely no need for anyone to continue using animals for food, clothing and entertainment. Pig Freud’s posters are making it loud and clear that animal use should end and veganism is not only the ethical but also the logical alternative to continued animal use. If you’re still not yet convinced about whether you can be vegan, come to Vegfest Scotland and find out for yourself, an amazing array of options ranging from ‘meats’, ‘cheeses’, yogurts and chocolates, to clothing, bodycare, cosmetics on top of lots of information from talks, cookery demos and workshops, all to help you go vegan and stay vegan afterwards.”


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