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Northern Vegan Festival

Pig Freud rocked Manchester alongside Ricky the Gorilla at the Northern Vegan Festival


Visitors to the Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester on Saturday October 17th 2015 witnessed a barnstorming performance from two animals in the world's first guitar-playing pig Pig Freud and bassist Ricky the Gorilla, supported by indie/folk musician Jack Dean, just outside the event venue Britannia Sacha's Hotel.



As 2 animals sharing a common passion for electric guitar and animal rights, Pig Freud and Ricky the Gorilla hooked up recently after Pig Freud's debut at Olympia London and they just could not stop practising their selection of tunes day and night on the eve of the Northern Vegan Festival. They were joined by Jack Dean who also made his maiden appearance at the same event.



On the morning of the festival, they could not be more satisfied to see a crowd gathering just outside the Britannia Sacha's Hotel all cheering them on whilst they churned out their favourite tunes alongside carefully worded posters with a strong 'go vegan' message.



Pig Freud and Ricky the Gorilla were introduced by tour manager Tim Barford before playing altogether 4 songs:

- Wish you were here

- Ride on

- On the Road again

- Riders of the Storm



FULL VIDEO of their gig is available to watch here:


As 70 billion farm animals worldwide are slaughtered for food each year, Ricky the Gorilla was a great addition for Pig Freud in his bid to raise funds for 5 regional grassroots vegan outreach projects worldwide:

- Veggies Catering (Nottingham, UK)  

- London Vegan Actions (London, UK)  

- Vegan Intersectionality Project (Dublin, Ireland)  

- The Invercargill Vegan Society (Invercargill, New Zealand) 

- Vegan Athletes for Peace (Widnes, UK)    


In doing so, Pig Freud strives to be a voice for ALL animals and further spread the word of veganism by means of creative peaceful vegan education.  

Please help Pig Freud get his message across to a global audience by DONATING to his CROWDFUNDER at:  


Pig Freud would also like to say a big THANKYOU to the organisers of the Northern Vegan Festival for giving him and Ricky the Gorilla a platform to perform their tunes and display their message of support for veganism at such a prominent vegan event up north. Pig Freud and Ricky the Gorilla fully enjoyed their experience at the event. Pig Freud fully acknowledges all the hard work that the Northern Vegan Festival team have put in and would like to wish them all the very best in their planning for future events as well as any other forms of vegan outreach.