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World's first guitar-playing pig made full debut at Olympia London

Visitors to Europe's prime vegan festival VegfestUK London this year experienced a rousing performance from the world's first guitar-playing pig Pig Freud on the Sunday October 11th.


Photo credit: Martin Fodor


Pig Freud performed a live rendition of famous tune 'Ride On' which provided a perfect backdrop for a full house of a packed Auditorium who really warmed to a courageous display of his musical talents and also his defiance against violence to all sentient beings with his carefully chosen placards offering words of encouragement for all to go vegan.


A 15-minute video with an introduction to Pig Freud followed by his performance (with lyrics added) is here:


Pig Freud’s live performance is also available to view in the live stream here from the event: (Pig Freud appears in around 1 hour 08 mins):


Masses of people had the fortune of being able to tune in for Pig Freud's tunes which were sandwiched by two influential debates on animal rights issues:


Are 'vegan' celebrities such as Ricky Gervais and Beyonce good / harmful for the vegan movement? 


Are Single-Issue Campaigns taking Animal Rights forwards / backwards?