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West Midlands Vegan Festival

Tour de Force from Pig Freud at West Midlands Vegan Festival alongside Ricky the Gorilla and Vegan musician Jack Dean


The world's first guitar playing pig Pig Freud enjoyed his 3rd stop of his ongoing UK tour of vegan Festivals at the West Midlands Vegan Festival on Saturday October 24th 2015. Supported by the bass-playing Ricky the Gorilla and vegan activist/musician Jack Dean, Pig Freud drew a huge round of applause from a large hoard of both onlookers and visitors to the festival at the event opening at 10am.  


Pig Freud wanted to give a big shout out to Jordan Wyatt from the Invercargill Vegan Society as it’s his birthday today October 24th 2015 – so have a happy vegan birthday Jordan (even if it’s not quite your birthday anymore as we go live with this blog, since you’re on the other side of the globe!)



On the back of an absorbing display at the recent Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester, this truly excellent, well-drilled and versatile trio of musicians played the following quintet of tunes once more alongside fluorescent posters with a clear and consistent message for people to go vegan and consider vegan education:

- Riders of the Storm

- Wish you were here

- Ride on

- On the Road again

- Fade Away


FULL VIDEO of the gig is available below:




Pig Freud and his team have put in a mammoth amount of time, resources and effort in getting the tour started, arranging the logistics, practising their music, putting together the marketing as well as filming and editing the videos. He'd be absolutely grateful to his fans for some much-welcome DONATIONS to his ongoing crowdfunder:


The crowdfunder raises funds to support these 5 regional grassroots VOLUNTEER-LED vegan outreach groups worldwide:

- Veggies Catering (Nottingham, UK)  

- London Vegan Actions (London, UK)  

- Vegan Intersectionality Project (Dublin, Ireland)  

- The Invercargill Vegan Society (Invercargill, New Zealand)  

- Vegan Athletes for Peace (Widnes, UK)    

In doing so, Pig Freud wishes to inspire vegan activists worldwide to start their own grassroots vegan advocacy and further influence many more people to go vegan in the process. 



Pig Freud extends a huge thanks to the organising team for continuing to put on grassroots vegan events such as this and expresses his gratitude for being given a platform to deliver a 'go vegan' message to audiences worldwide via his performances which were shared massively on social media at the links below:

Pig Freud Facebook page:  

VegfestUK TV: