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Why Vegan?

VEGAN – more than just a diet, it’s a social justice movement 


What does vegan actually mean? Is it a dietary choice – where people choose not to consume animal products? Or is it a lifestyle choice where people choose not to wear animal products, use toiletries tested on animals, and refrain from going to circuses and such like? 



In fact – vegan is more than a diet, and even more than lifestyle – it’s a social justice movement, which starts with the rejection of violence towards other living beings, the rejection of the concept of ‘ownership’ over other living beings, rejection of the exploitation of animals, and a moral choice to respect the rights of animals as equals.



Of course for many, this starts with a dietary and then lifestyle change – the exclusion of animal-based foods is replaced by the myriad of incredible plant-based options, and there are untold vegan bodycare products now available, as well as huge selections of animal free clothing, shoes, accessories and anything else we need. And as for entertainment – there’s little joy in seeing animals suffer in zoos – and even the pet trade is full of suffering and misery.



But the vegan ethos is much more than eating vegan burgers -   it’s a broad far-reaching ethos of world peace that envelops almost every global social justice movement with its rejection of violence and respect for rights for all living beings – without even mentioning the huge advantages to health, environmental issues  and food production that being vegan can bring..... It’s the next big thing. And it’s coming your way now.